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Material Chemistry

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The concept of culture

Culture is the soul of enterprise, determines the enterprise's development and future trend of height.

To build their own cultural system from the three dimensions of customers, employees, society,
The depth of mining customer value has always been concerned about employee development, always do not forget to serve the society,

With the development of energy harmony and win-win concept of polymerization,With the construction of learning oriented enterprises as the main means, To create a vibrant and dynamic working environment and team atmosphere.

Employee word

  • Entering the workplace, as Guanshan. Now, watching the notebook daily work records, records of a pen list, only to find out that I already was body in the "mountain", although still hovering at the foot of the mountain, but I believe learning and experience will let me climb up to the top of the mountain.

    The Ministry of foreign trade Shi Zhemin
  • Training course, participate in trade union activities, employee birthday to send blessings, let me feel deeply Hongda company spirit of the culture more and more rich, the company is more and more vitality. Bless our mg company outstanding achievement more brilliant! A better tomorrow!

    Technical department Lv Weiya
  • It is not only can get the skills and knowledges of my job,but also unerstand the truth and attitude of how to be a real person.These are the priceless treasure in my whole life.

    Warehousing Department Song Ping
  • Look inward, correct attitude, do a screw, unknown to the public, to play its due role.

    Technical department Lu saisai
  • Be careful to do everything in, carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, in order to make our work, busy but not chaotic.

    Department documents Yang Xun
  • As a small family of a member has for several years, I truly feel the cohesion and vitality of the family, see the broad prospects for development. It can grow sturdily in the family, is the greatest happiness of my occupation career

    The Ministry of foreign trade Chen Shanshan

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