Textile Chemistry

As one of the four core businesses of Hongda Group, ......

Material Chemistry

Since 2001,Hongda Group has been a distinctive char ......

Biological Pharmacy

Companies in the bio pharmaceutical development alw ......

Resin & Additive

The company's business covers the development o ......


Not to stick to one pattern selection

Heavy ability is not only academic, moral not only can

Yucai be tireless in teaching others

Step by step rather than tolerance of failure and not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, be anxious for success

One good appointment only

The amount applied, give full scope to the talents

To create the environment to stay

Efforts to create good human resources and the environment, for staff professional students career planning provides a display condition; develop a reasonable and competitive salary and welfare system, make contributions, talented people get proper treatment, status and development of space

Training system

Common knowledge training

Special training

One on one training

Salary and welfare

Personnel recruitment

Offer one's own services

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