Textile Chemistry

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Material Chemistry

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Biological Pharmacy

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Resin & Additive

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Inorganic Pigment

Ultramarine Blue

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Organic Pigment

Cross-Linking Agent & PU Curing Agent

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Rotary Printing Screen

Rotary Printing Screen

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Group profile

Ningbo Hongda Group was founded in 1992, formerly known as the Ningbo Free Trade Zone Hong Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. is a professional Management of pigment, dyestuff and auxiliaries, pharmaceutical products and intermediate products of technology, industry and trade integrated enterprise.

The company since its inception, adhere to the "honesty, innovation as the soul, and service first" development concept, implementation has the characteristics of the times of the advanced management mode, and create a harmonious team atmosphere "people thought into, give full scope to the talents", showing a sustained, strong growth and development of live force.

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洪大集团锐远新材料亮相CHINAPLAS 2024

2024年4月23日-4月26日,全球橡塑行业的焦点齐聚上海,共同见证了一场高端化、智能化、绿色化的盛会——CHINAPLAS 2024国际橡塑展。在 ......



4月2号,洪大集团董事长带领协会及其团队到访洋紫荆油墨(浙江)有限公司,位于桐乡市经济开发区。其作为中国最大的油墨制造商,全球油墨 ......