Textile Chemistry

As one of the four core businesses of Hongda Group, ......

Material Chemistry

Since 2001,Hongda Group has been a distinctive char ......

Biological Pharmacy

Companies in the bio pharmaceutical development alw ......

Resin & Additive

The company's business covers the development o ......

Enterprise brand

Corporate strategy

In the premise of building a unified management platform and core resource sharing mechanism, accelerate the hatching and cultivate a number of independent business units and individuals, with the inherent correlation, at the same time through mergers and acquisitions to continue to get more resources, in order to release the internal vitality, achieve economies of scale.

Effective use of the accumulation of many years of high degree of familiarity with the industry and a deeper understanding of the two technical advantages, and strive to establish a set of other business service providers in the business philosophy, business model and management.


Objective to analyze and evaluate the internal and external conditions,Thus in the market segments to identify their location through intensive,To improve the competitive advantage, expand market share.


The company and the product logo, In order to upgrade technology, quality control and optimization service innovation as the internal factors,In a unique marketing strategy as the means of communication, enhance the industry of small company and product awareness continuously The intention to build, with high visibility and reputation of the small brand.Branding

Brand concept

Enterprise vision

A quality, value of enterprise