Textile Chemistry

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Material Chemistry

Since 2001,Hongda Group has been a distinctive char ......

Biological Pharmacy

Companies in the bio pharmaceutical development alw ......

Resin & Additive

The company's business covers the development o ......

The development course of Ningbo Hongda Group

  1. 1993-1999  The initial stage: the company, business started from domestic sales field
  2. 2000-2003  The transformation stage: domestic gradually expand to form the team, involved in foreign trade, foreign trade business
  3. 2004-2009   High growth stage: domestic foreign trade becomes more stable, the release of vitality
  4. 2010-2012  Organization stage: the construction of organization system, improve the governance structure, improve the management level
  5. 2013~   The expansion stage: through mergers and acquisitions, raise cooperation means, to achieve capital expansion, a new round of restructuring and upgrading of power