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Hongda Group CEO Speech

Dear friends:

Ningbo Hongda has a history of 20 years, 20 years, we always uphold the "pragmatic focus, innovation and improvement" concept,Never for a moment to relax on the quality of products and services in the pursuit of quality. They can do this,Because in our hearts we Huaichuai a dream, that is to will be afraid to create a quality, value, the continuing influence of enterprise. I know that, to achieve this goal, not a short duration of time of work, to learn and improve our heart Taxihe not pause to pay. Only in this way can we always keep up with the trend of the industry, only in this way, possibly through cutting-edge concepts and high-end service to win more customers.

Thankfully, we have a young team. They like me, full of ideals, full of enthusiasm, good professional accomplishment,Most importantly, they have a profound and unique understanding of "customer value creation". There is no doubt,They will be sincere and considerate service to bring you a surprise.

I love the great love, colleagues, love every sincere cooperation friend! At the moment, can share happiness with your career and work and meet, I feel very honored! Sincerely hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you together, the common achievements of our dream!

                    Hongda Groups CEO: