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2013 Hongda annual summary and awarding meeting

2014.02.28   08:58

         With the music,On January 18,all colleagues attended 2013 annual summary and celebration meeting in Pan Pacific hotel.
         First of all,our CEO YuanJunJie make annual summary report,he said the main work and good results our company achieved,and thanks everyone's hard work with warm and concise language,meanwhile,He pointed out the shortage and improvement methods in the work.And,He pointed a new goals and tasks.
         Second,our company' colleagues has selected the outstanding employees,Ruby,Nicole and LuSaiSai,and the three recognition personnel receive certificates and bonuses with warm applause.
         Third,Our company held a fun sweepstakes.
         Finally,All employees take part in the New Year dinner.Eeryone enjoy themselves and full of hope to the new year.

By Tang Hong

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