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White UVputty Paint Formulations In Acrylate System

2015.07.09   13:57

Recipe White UV putty paint formulations acrylate system

The component            proportion  

Bisphenol A epoxy acrylate  28.22%

TMPTA                      7.53%

TMPTA                      7.53%

N- vinyl pyrrolidone         1.88%

Titanium dioxide             14.11%

Talcum powder                14.1l%

Barite powder                28.22%

Isopropyl thia anthracene ketone 1%

Benzoic acid -2- two dimethylamino ethyl 4.80%

Additive                     0.13%


Formula guide:

1 the above formula of epoxy acrylate resin for coalescence, bonding, fixing powder material; TMPTA is the high level of monomer, can increase the crosslinking density, increase the cured film hardness, enhancement of powder material bonding. Bamboo flooring paint in addition to meet the basic performance of the coating, the hardness, wear resistance, impact strength, anti erosion performance requirements especially. These properties are closely related with the degree of crosslinking curing, reasonable to add inorganic filler, can improve the performance, at the same time dilution resin, convenient formulas. A small amount of N- vinyl pyrrolidone hand can enhance resin for powder coating, adhesive, on the other hand, may be opposite to improve adhesion of the paint. Titanium dioxide is a white pigment, which covers the effect. Talcum powder and barite can play a reinforcing, increase the hardness, anti shrinkage function, talcum powder, focus on improving the adhesion of the wood substrate, barite focused on improving grinding performance, prevent the larger and more pits appear when polishing. Light initiator system composed of isopropyl thioxanthone with tertiary amine, the absorption maximum at about 370nm, on 365nm and 405nm medium pressure mercury lamp emission spectrum with strong absorption, a transparent window of titanium dioxide in general more than 380nm, therefore, mainly in the 405nm spectral line as an effective light source.

2 this formula into a paste, contains more inorganic filler, long-term storage possible filler flocculation settling process, increased the thixotropy add very small amount of fumed silica, can delay, prevent filler flocculation. Adding acrylate anti settling agent, is also one of the ways to prevent flocculation.

3.UV primer containing inorganic filler is relatively small, the overall low viscosity.