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Global black market production status Statistics

2015.10.13   08:26

By promoting tire market expansion,the global carbon black production capacity,production and demand has shown a steady growth trend.US consultancy predicts that 2020 demand will grow by 3.9 percent carbon black annually.However,growth in the global carbon black market is not balanced,China is an important driving force,the United States continued to prosper in,and demand for carbon black and production to Japan on behalf of a number of countries will decline.

The main use as a rubber reinforcing carbon black,used automobile tires and other manufacturing,also when the pigment (ink,plastic,paint),dry with a conductive agent,a catalyst support,cemented carbide materials.About 70% of global carbon black used in tire manufacturing,and 20 percent used in other rubber,the remaining less than 10% is used in plastics additives,dyes,printing inks and other industries.

Statistics show that the global production of carbon black production Asia-Pacific region accounted for about 60 percent;North America accounted for about 14%;Russia and Eastern European countries accounted for about 9%;7 countries in Western Europe accounted for about 7%;Central and South America accounted for about 6 percent;and in Africa Near East accounted for about 4%.From the top,the world's top ten producers of carbon black sort are as follows:China,US,Russia,India,Japan,Korea,Brazil,Thailand, Germany and Italy.China's carbon black production has more than 40% of global output,followed by the United States,is the world's second largest carbon black producer and consumer countries.

By Betty

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