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Water-based paint or can share up to 20% in the next five years

2015.10.14   08:30

China coatings industry rapid development,has become the world's largest paint producer,however,environmental issues coatings industry has been a topic of concern,with the rapid development of the coatings industry in stark contrast to the development of China's water-based paint for nearly a dozen years,has always been tepid,slightly long road of development,a large gap with foreign waterborne coatings,especially in the field of architectural coatings more apparent.The reasons for this situation,in fact,this problem is not the spending power,but consumer understanding of the inadequacy of paint.Currently,outside of Dulux,the state legislature and other such familiar products,a true national brand or regional brand and not really into the minds of consumers,and between low-end and high-end consumer product there is a certain gap,affecting the promotion of water-based paint.

In addition to the presence of people in the consumer perception of the problem,in fact,most architectural coatings manufacturer,itself,there are some contradictions.An industry source said:"Only a few architectural coatings manufacturers do in the real market,while 70% -80% of the companies are doing the project,the main reason why this happens is because the current production conditions in the domestic paint companies,flawed advanced technology,product stability,and so difficult to support the needs of the market,which to some extent,restricted the rapid development of waterborne coatings market."

Although the domestic water-based paint can not be equated with a low-carbon,however,as consumers understand their own health,as the impact of the external climate,consumption habits and other factors,waterborne coatings due to their own environmental protection has,in Japan,Europe and the US national market share of over 60%,while the proportion of China is significantly lower.Insiders said that the next five years,water-based paint in our market share or can reach 20%.

"In recent years,there has been the addition of formaldehyde paint,odor and other selling point in recent years,no new paint and selling occurs,the market was quiet again.After years of precipitation,consumers are no longer of particular interest for those selling,after all these selling points are not the most critical thing paint itself.On the contrary,environmental protection has become a security issue but people are most concerned about the "industry source said.

Water-based paint in the process of development,promote energy-saving and environmental protection water-based paint for development policy,requires the Government to further supply.Such as increased water-based paint used in a proportion in urban infrastructure construction and government procurement,so that enterprises get real benefits in the market;transfer positive energy,promote energy conservation and environmental protection,promotion of water-based paint,the government vigorously promote energy saving at the same time its,Piggybacking on the water-based paint and other related energy saving industry propaganda.

The development of water-based paint,not only meet the needs of the development of environmentally friendly energy industry in our country,but also on energy saving and environmental protection coatings business support and encouragement,but also help enhance the security of ordinary people from starting their own health better understanding of the water-based paint,so paint prefer the choice of finish paint covering environmental protection and mitigation fullness,color,hardness and other requirements."If you can have a deeper level,it can also take the national rate applied this array Dongfeng promote their brand,reversing longstanding hearts of ordinary people 'non-international brands' consumer psychology."Insiders said.

By Betty

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