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Titanium dioxide setback "the gold nine" the price "silver ten" rut

2015.11.24   09:35

"Golden nine silver ten" is the domestic chemical products sales season, pure benzene and toluene, methanol and other chemical raw materials prices are slightly boost, but white does not rise but lower price. Influenced by the global economic slowdown, titanium dioxide demand fell sharply, and excess industry began to appear since 2012, the international titanium dioxide are cutting starts "giant", implements the planned layoffs, titanium white inventory is improving year by year, but now the titanium dioxide industry is in transition period, is expected to price of titanium dioxide in October will remain low volatility, rut.

Huntsman statement released in November already warning: titanium dioxide prices fall, fall is bigger, especially North America led to the company's performance in the third quarter fell. The company is also clear to shareholders at the same time, will spin off before the end of 2016 pigments and additives business.

International chain of giant hard times, the domestic leader is also a risk. September titanium white price is not supported, mainly because of the southwest dragon enterprises are eager to go to inventory, increase the intensity of preferential, dragged down the market price, only to fall, small business losses at present, some enterprises have to choose to shut down or even closing their doors.

Though dragon enterprises strengthen the preferential, but downstream is not to force. Titanium dioxide prices down already a long time, the court bad atmosphere, purchaser for titanium pigment, and the price is generally have rejected, for low-cost recognition is not high also, always think prices without the bottom line, continue to put generally, only purchasing rigidity, quantity is limited, the titanium dioxide prices boost weak.

October is manufacturer and dealer sales year-end closing impulse, combined with the north gradually into the off-season, although the price of titanium dioxide market stabilised, but the price is difficult to have obvious difference, the shipper only do quantity have a profit of real cases, unavoidably will intensify competition in the market. In early October the price market temporary stability, afternoon a rut, the short term, prices rebound may be small, the market is still a single, look, see the payment in the form of a single, titanium pigment enterprises can only be sold powder while strives for the survival!

By Nicole

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