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The coating is miscible with metal oxide pigments

2016.03.03   08:55

Metal Oxide miscible Pigment, also called MMO Pigment (Mixed Metal Oxide Pigment), composite Inorganic Pigment the CICP designation (Complex Inorganic Color Pigment), etc., is by a variety of Metal oxides mix, through high temperature firing, grinding and made a kind of Inorganic Pigment.

The first characteristic of this kind of paint is avirulent environmental protection, can replace traditional lead and cadmium pigments production "lead-free" paint; Excellent heat resistance, high-temperature paint can be made; Has more excellent weather resistance and can be used for making a high weather resistance requirements of fluorocarbon lacquer, automobile coatings, etc. With high infrared reflectivity.

Common metal oxide miscible pigments are the following:

Titanium yellow P.Y.53

Bismuth yellow P.Y.184

Titanium chrome brown P.Br.24

Copper chromium black P.Blk.28

Cobalt green P.G.50

Cobalt blue P.B.28

Chromium iron black P.Br.29

Iron zinc chrome brown P.Br.33

By Nicole

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