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Powder coating aluminum silver powder is introduced

2016.03.14   15:41

Aluminium powder for silver metallic luster, so commonly known as aluminum silver or silver powder, its chemical composition is "aluminum", not "silver". Scope of application: coating, ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold, imitation gold, gold film paper, textiles, but used in water-based paint and paint with acid and alkali will turn black oxide. Not recommended for requiring resistance to acid and alkali, and combined with the rain. Aluminum silver powder for wide USES, high demand, many varieties, so was one of the categories of metallic pigment. Is flaky pigment with aluminum powder particles, it is for this scaly particles state, aluminium powder with metallic and shielding function.

1.scaly cover features:

Aluminium powder particles are scaly, its diameter and thickness of scale is about (40:1)-(100:1), aluminum powder scattered to the carrier has the characteristics of parallel to the substrate, and after numerous aluminium connected to each other, mutual size particles fill the form a continuous metal film, covering the substrate, and outside light reflection film, this is aluminium covering power. Aluminium covering power depends on the size of the surface area of less, namely diameter-thick ratio. Aluminum in the process of grinding was extended, diameter-thick ratio increasing, covering power also will increase.

2.shielding properties of aluminium powder:

Dispersed in carrier in aluminum powder floating movement, the movement result always makes itself can be carrier coating parallel to the substrate, forming a continuous aluminium layer, and the aluminum layer within the carrier membrane layers in parallel. Pore stagger each other between the layers of aluminium powder, cut off the carrier membrane MAO small hole, outside of the water, gas, did not reach the substrate through the wool stoma, this feature is aluminum good physical shielding.

Used in powder coating of aluminum silver powder is divided into, floating type, the floating type, lens, flash, etc. General understanding of float type is after surface treatment of aluminum powder. The stronger the silver powder particle size, the smaller metal feeling, covering power is stronger; Easy generation amount is too big to vomit powder and congestion point phenomenon; Not easy to appear black spots, hair flower or small stripes.

By Nicole

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