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Powder coating additives should have what conditions

2016.05.30   11:14

     Additives is an important component in powder coating formulation, although compared with resin, curing agent, pigment and filler, its dosage is less, only a few parts per thousand to a few percent of the total formula, but its effect on the properties of coatings and coating influence cannot be ignored. In some cases, fertilizer play a decisive role. Required for different varieties of powder coating additives varieties have difference, but from the basic requirements, should meet the following conditions:

1, additives in formulation of the dosage is very few, in order to make fertilizer spread evenly, in the process of manufacturing powder coating, easy to disperse.

2, considering from powder coating color, fertilizer is the best colorless or light color, don't make the powder coating color.

3, auxiliary chemical stability is good, in powder coating manufacturing, storage and use process, in addition to have special needs (for example, to promote the chemical reactions in the process of curing agent on the baking), is generally not with resin, curing agent, pigment and filler to chemical reaction, are not affected by the influence of the air, moisture, temperature and environmental conditions.

4, considering from human health and environmental protection, fertilizer is the best non-toxic or low toxicity.

5, from the storage stability of the powder coating and add convenience, in the process of producing fertilizer is the best solid powder, and has good compatibility with resin, curing agent.

6, commonly used in powder coating fertilizer varieties are flow ping agent, brightener, degassing agent, defoaming agent, dispersing agent, antistatic agent, friction charged additives, promoting agent and anticaking agent agent (loose or loose), modifying agent on powder rate, hardness sags against scratches agent, modification agent, agent, plasticizer, antioxidants, uv absorber, photosensitizer, antibacterial agent, wrinkles, orange lines, turtle grain agent, hammer agent, sand grain agent, continuous grain agent, pattern agent and lubricant additives (embossed), one of the most commonly used is flow ping agent, brightener, degassing agent, antifoam additives, etc.

                                                                                                                                                                By Nicole

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