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Promote titanium pigment production rebounded Under the influence of the multiple positive market or remained stable

2016.09.23   08:38

As the world's recognized performance is one of the best white pigment, after 2015 years of dismal, titanium dioxide, 2016 become the biggest concern coating raw materials. In the first half of the titanium dioxide market, the rebound is a jedi.

Upstream titanium ore price rise slowed in panxi region, titanium concentrate on price, make the downstream procurement cautious; Import titanium ore sources also gradually nervous, miners rose will stronger. Downstream aspects of manufacturer is still at the early stage of the execution order, more receiving intention, thin trading. Because of a shortage of downstream digestion, delivery pressure domestic traders said.

Supported titanium dioxide prices in 2016 major events at home and abroad is titanium pigment production enterprises. The international market is more apparent, Europe's biggest titanium white production supplier huntsman closure of sulfuric acid method of titanium white production capacity of 100000 tons; Titanium pigment, company has suspended two production lines. The company can output fell by 15%; Division for shut down its near wilmington, Delaware, USA EdgeMoor factory production white products, and production line located in Tennessee, a total of reduce the production of titanium dioxide 150000 tons annually.

A continuous event brings to the titanium pigment market of industrial structure optimization, on the one hand, severe environmental pollution and the defective ones gradually eliminated by the market. No matter how many, product quality improvement, on the other hand, reducing the number of larger extent promoted the market balance of supply and demand, price of the product increases, the equivalent of a kind of value.

                                                                                                           By Nicole

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