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Production of fluorescent ink technical methods and standards

2016.11.29   15:51

Fluorescent ink pigment content is higher in the printing process often occur heap ink, emulsion is excessive and need two to three times reluctantly hue and meet the requirements Fluorspar degree problem. In fact, the high quality fluorescent ink on the printing performance can be close to the general four-color printing ink.

1. Fluorescent ink color and fluorescence degree standards

Tend to be a famous domestic or foreign printing ink factory will adopt imported fluorescent ink essence as raw materials, its color and fluorescence degree of standard in the book of "pantone" commonly PMS801-807 code as the leading factor. Therefore, making fluorescent ink used in fluorescent ink essence in hue or on the degree of fluorescence can be found in standard and UV Under the different light source and the requirements of the book of "pantone" consistent.

2. The consequences of insufficient fluorescent ink concentration

High quality fluorescent ink fluorescent ink fine content is 65% ~ 75% to amount to mark, so the price is higher. With low price and low content of fluorescent ink essence of fluorspar When light ink, need printing can barely twice to three times, take a crash.

3. The general low fluorescent ink printing often the problems and reasons


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