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"Data" thinking, explore the paint industry consumer trends and growth opportunities

2017.05.24   16:04

Every year, every quarter, every month, even every week, filed out of the data report of all sorts of industries.In paint industry, this wave of huge amounts of data are often contain the trend of the industry, the consumption trend and may boost productivity growth opportunities.

On March 23, China coating industry association said in a report, coating industry in 2016 the total output of 1358 industrial enterprises above designated size was 1358 tons, up 7.2% from a year earlier.2044 industrial enterprises above designated size main business income of 435.449 billion yuan, up 5.6% from a year earlier.

It is understood that in 2016 due to the limitation state policies and regulations, closed about 3000 small miniature paint enterprises.Such a large enterprise of closures, is bound to affect the coating capacity growth.But 2016 coating industry output data is still on the rise, it shows that the yield and income of the largest coatings enterprises basically in growth, also indirectly reflects the coatings market demand still has very big rise space.Also as a result, the association forecasts say the coating industry in 2017 output will be a historic breakthrough 20 million tons, is expected to be 20.3 million tons, growth at around 7%;Production is expected to be 462 billion yuan, growth at around 6%.

In addition, the relevant agency statistics in March, said the national construction, proposed in 2016, under construction and production of 12 million tons of paint production capacity, there are about 5 million tons is water-based environmental protection coatings, high performance coatings.Thus it can be seen that the development of water-based paint is not, as is the market feedback, pushing hard, but in the "green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction", under the escort of under steady advance.

These are based on the search for the related data, collection, storage, sharing, analysis and conclusion.Although developed from the data of more general directions and correlation, and can't know the accurate results by causality, but it can make relevant decisions by data analysis, and can also be due to the trend, promote enterprise functions in the field of quantitative process, make the enterprise get the optimal development.

This point from the various coatings enterprises made public, undisclosed number of performance data, the level of investment, project investment, etc., can be more or less to know - it is precisely because know the unknown potential of the industry, this year in raw material price shocks, such as policy tightening pressure, enterprise is not due to the oppression of the situation, and hypercorrection, stalled.But pricing or with decompression, but coordinate the dealer channels together;Or open a new field, committed to the transformation and upgrading breakthrough;Or developing new markets abroad, on the capacity load...Such as this.

Correlation effect, the development of coating industry in 2017 will be how to tone, will present a tendency of what, now seem to won't have too big discrepancy.Is variable but specific to the enterprise itself is very high, because so far, the consensus of the industry is in science and technology developed, the flow of information era, the communication between people more and more close, also more and more convenient, at the same time the spread of information amount and transmission way also more and more complex, and in the vast amounts of information resources, visually data presentation can attract the attention of consumers, which means who owns the data provide and present ability, who can gather the hot spots, lead the direction of consumption.

Coating, therefore, enterprises should not only will grab and the opportunity of using the data contained in the industry, to predict market movements, so as to obtain good returns.Will return to themselves, improve their own data development schedule, to production, research and development, sales and channel, logistics, supply chain, such as a clear way of data flow, thus gain insight into the more profound and comprehensive ability, and through the analysis of the path and the behavior of users, and subjective to release more market space and potential.

By Steven

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