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Why do you want to wash and wear new clothes? How to wash?

2017.05.26   08:55

    When you buy new clothes are eager to cut signs, immediately put it on? Or must be washed to wear new clothes? Some people say that if you do not wash wear will cause is not really so terrible? Let's find out!

1, Are the dye harmful?

Some people feel uncomfortable after wearing new clothes, the results may be suspected after the examination of the dye allergy. Indeed, there may be allergies, but with the probability of winning the lottery almost. For example, disperse yellow 3, disperse blue 35, disperse black, and so on, are known to be highly sensitizing dyes, such as 1. Some dyes may also cause skin diseases such as urticaria or skin rash.

Solution: if you are allergic to a certain kind of dye, it will also be allergic to washing, so it is best to try to wear white cotton or chemical fiber clothing, especially clothing.

2, clothes have taste, harmful?

Many people will find some new clothes "taste", the smell is dyeing agent, sizing agent and production line workers used in processing chemicals left by the taste, the taste most from formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a volatile gas, the skin more sensitive people, there will be tears, cough, throat irritation, nausea; even cause allergic reactions in some, such as skin rash, itching and other minor. However, the concentration and time of exposure to formaldehyde caused by wearing new clothes could not be compared with that of high concentration and long term occupational exposure. There is no scientific basis for wearing new clothes that are not carcinogenic, or cancer risk is lower.

Solution: formaldehyde solubility in water is very good, with warm water after washing for a period of time, formaldehyde on the basic distribution or decomposition.

3, the new clothes will have parasites (eggs)?

In the new clothes there will be bacteria and parasites (eggs), which in the processing, transportation, storage process is inevitable, there is a return, but they are unlikely to exceed the standard. If it is due to moisture and other reasons, there are obvious parasites (eggs) that would have to wash.

Solution: after the new clothes to buy back with a disinfectant with detergent to wash, you can minimize the problem of microbial infection.

In short, as long as you are a regular way to buy new clothes, if you do not have to wear a wash, in fact, the problem is not large, but it is recommended that you wash a picture of a healthy peace of mind. 

                                By Emily


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