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The 2022 European thermoplastic composite material is expected to average annual compound growth rate of 2%

2017.07.28   13:29

According to the market report, released by the Lucintel thermoplastic composites in the consumer goods market from 2017 to 2022 is expected to average annual compound growth rate to 2%, could reach $1.2 billion by 2022.

In the European consumer market, thermoplastic composites will greatly increase their chances of using electric circuit breakers, power tools, electrical appliances and furniture.

The main driving factors of market growth, on the one hand, is the market demand for thermoplastic composite material goods increase, on the other hand is a high performance thermoplastic material compared with the traditional performance advantage is obvious. These advantages include: light weight, recyclable, moisture resistant and chemical resistant.

In the European market, the products that use thermoplastic composites mainly include electronics, furniture, circuit breakers and power tools. After comprehensive consideration, Lucintel predicts that the use of thermoplastic composites will be higher than average in the forecast period. Due to the superior performance of the short fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite, it is expected to remain important in the European consumer market. The polypropylenyl thermoplastic composite will remain the "most widely used thermoplastic composite" by low prices and high yields. Polypropylene price is low, and is a good electrical insulator, be badly in need of mass production to meet market demand, these are both the reasons for the rising demand for it, excellent properties during the predict these will greatly promote the European consumer market of polypropylene thermoplastic composite material consumption.

The trend showed slowly, is in increasingly fierce competition between material, thermoplastic composite materials is increasingly applied in new products, this trend will directly affect the industry development of thermoplastic composite materials. DSM, basf, Saudi Arabia, dupont, lanxess, sol peacekeeping celanese are European consumer goods market, the major suppliers of thermoplastic composite materials will inevitably will be affected.


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