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Shengzhou city started upgrading battle for printing and dyeing traditional industries

2017.08.28   14:10

Printing and dyeing and chemical industry are the traditional advantageous industries in Shengzhou, and also one of the main sources of industrial pollution in this city. This year, Shengzhou will comprehensively implement the pollution industry rectification, industrial park regulation and upgrading, industrial innovation and development and other special operations, to build a good transformation of traditional industries to enhance battle. To the printing and dyeing, chemical based pollution industry regulation and upgrading is the top priority of the battle.

It is understood that this year the city has 20 printing and dyeing enterprises, 13 chemical enterprises included in the scope of regulation to improve. The printing and dyeing enterprises in three years shut down and go to about 5, 13 chemical enterprises to complete the rectification upgrade before the end of the year. At the same time, it has also made clear the strong goal of the printing and dyeing chemical enterprises to cultivate more than 1 leading enterprises of printing and dyeing industry with output value exceeding 1 billion yuan, and to cultivate 1 green benchmarking enterprises.

According to statistics, by the end of April, the city has completed 20 printing and dyeing enterprises and the investigation work of 13 chemical enterprises, completed the relocation of chemical enterprises agglomeration 1, chemical enterprises to improve regulation 4.

In the transformation of traditional industries to enhance battle, the city will complete the industrial park to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the city's 48 existing industrial park clean-up regulation, which close to exit 8 (extension), the new standard workshop of 100 thousand square meters. At present, the industrial park closed down 8, the completion rate of 100%; the completion of the standard construction of 86 thousand square meters; completed the "small small scattered" enterprises (workshops) remediation 51.

Transform and upgrade traditional industries, not only to do "subtraction" on energy saving and environmental protection, but also do addition or multiplication in innovation, and strive to create new advantages. This year, the city vigorously promote the "machine substitutions" as the main content of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, based on industrial advantages and practical development, play a series of combination of transformation and upgrading of boxing. From 1 to April this year, the city completed 45 enterprises, seven new industries, small and 113 micro enterprises .


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