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It turns out that zinc USES so much! It is widely used in depth analysis of zinc

2017.11.20   10:20

The consumption structure of zinc is fairly stable, about 50% of its consumption is used for anti-corrosion coating, 19% is used in the production of brass and 16% for production Zinc base alloy, the rest is used for rolling zinc plate, zinc chemical and pigment production. At the same time, zinc and many metals can make good performance The most important alloys are: zinc and copper, tin, lead, etc., which are made into brass and used in machinery manufacturing. Zinc and aluminum, magnesium, copper It is used to manufacture various precision castings.

Zinc is widely used in the following aspects:

1. Galvanized. Used as an anti-corrosive coating (such as galvanized sheet), widely used in automobile, construction, ship, light industry, etc 46 percent of zinc.

Zinc has excellent anti-atmospheric corrosion performance, so zinc is mainly used for the surface coating of steel and structural parts. Galvanizing with plating After oxidation of the alloy surface, an even fine - dense zinc carbonate ZnCO3o3Zn (OH) 2 oxide film protection layer is formed The protective layer also prevents mold growth. Due to the excellent anti-atmospheric corrosion of zinc alloy plate, western countries have also started in recent years Try to use it directly for roofing material, use it to make the roof plank use life can be up to 120-140 years, and can be recycled reuse The service life of the roofing material with galvanized iron plate is generally 5-10 years.

2. Make copper alloy (such as brass). It is used in automobile manufacturing and machinery industry, accounting for about 15% of the consumption of zinc.

Zinc has the applicable mechanical properties. The strength and hardness of zinc are not high, and the strength and hardness of aluminum and copper alloys are added In particular, the mechanical properties of zinc copper-titanium alloy have been close to or achieved in aluminum alloy, brass and gray cast iron At the same level, the anti-creep performance has been greatly improved. Therefore, zinc-copper titanium alloy has been widely used in hardware production .

3. Used for casting zinc alloy. Mainly for die-casting, for automobile, light industry and other industries, about 15% of zinc.

Many zinc alloys have excellent machining performance, and the processing rate can reach 60% to 80%. The medium pressure performance is superior, can carry on deep pull Delay, and self-lubricity, extend die life, soldering or resistance welding or electric arc welding (in helium gas), The surface can be used for electroplating and painting treatment, the cutting processing performance is good, under certain conditions has superior superplasticity energy.

In addition, zinc has good resistance to electromagnetic field. The conductivity of zinc is 29 per cent of standard electrician copper and zinc is used in radio frequency interference The plate is a very effective shielding material. Meanwhile, because zinc is non-magnetic, it is suitable for the material and instrument shell of the instrument and instrument parts Body and coin. In addition, the zinc self and other metal collision will not spark, suitable for underground explosion-proof equipment.

4. Used for making zinc oxide. It is widely used in rubber, coating, enamel, medicine, printing and fiber industries 11%.

5. Used for making dry batteries, appearing in the form of zinc cake and zinc, accounting for 13% of the amount of zinc.

Zinc has the proper chemical properties. Zinc can interact with NH4CI, releasing H positive ions. Zinc - manganese dioxide batteries are used This characteristic of zinc, used as the shell of the battery, is both the container of battery electrolyte and the sun of battery reaction Extremely. In addition, its performance is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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