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2022.10.28   15:37



At present, 30 strategic emerging industries among the key industrial construction projects in the autonomous region are progressing steadily. Xinjiang Tianli Hi-tech Petrochemical Co., Ltd. successfully produced qualified products with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons EVA(ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) unit on December 12. Since the device successfully went through the whole process on September 16th, it has produced 550 tons of EVA products every day, and 8,000 tons of high-pressure low-density polyethylene and EVA products in total.

The 200,000-ton EVA device of Tianli High-tech Petrochemical can produce 16 brands of products with the characteristics of good thermal sealing performance, good flexibility, strong impact resistance and so on, which fills the gap of high value-added EVA products in Xinjiang. "The project can cover the EVA high-end product market where the domestic raw material self-sufficiency rate is low, which is conducive to the petroleum and petrochemical industry to build the industrial chain of coal, oil, gas, chemical and new materials, realize the effective conversion of resources, and improve product yield." Zhao Yongsen, assistant general manager of the company, said.

The completion and production of Tianli High-tech's 200,000-ton EVA, Xinjiang Meke Chemical Co., LTD. Phase 4 100,000-ton BDO(1, 4-butanediol), Kangchen Pharmaceutical (Horgos) Co., LTD. Traditional Chinese Medicine Industrial Park Project (Phase I) and other projects have further expanded the scale of strategic emerging industries.

The reporter understands from the autonomous region of industry and information technology office, since this year, xinjiang based on resources endowment and location advantages, continue to intensify development strategic emerging industries, such as new materials, "chain" as the core, high standard to build characteristic obvious advantages, the new material industry cluster industry layout is reasonable, press the "fast forward button" industrial development.

These two days, the whole Xinjiang's first carbon fiber project -- Xinjiang Longju New Material Co., LTD. Annual output of 50,000 tons of high-performance carbon fiber project phase I construction. Up to now, 95% of the production plant construction has been completed, more than 90% of the equipment installation has been completed, two warehouses of raw silk and finished products have been completed, and the carbon fiber workshop has entered the closing stage.

After the completion of the project, it can meet the demand of wind energy, hydrogen energy, photovoltaic and other industries for carbon fiber, attract the upstream and downstream enterprises of carbon fiber composite material industry chain to settle in Urumqi Ganquanpu Economic and Technological Development Zone (Industrial Zone), and greatly promote the development of new energy industry in Xinjiang. At present, Ganquanbao Development Zone has formed industrial development clusters of carbon-based new materials, silicon-based new materials and aluminum-based new materials. From January to September, the added value of strategic emerging industries in Ganquanbao Development Zone was 756 million yuan, up 22.74% compared with the same period last year.

At present, xinjiang is to develop new energy and new materials and other strategic emerging industries, the short weakness and lack of focus on industrial chain link, we will focus on promoting the construction of the new material industry cluster, the key to build a batch of industrial supporting ability, high degree of agglomeration, big market capacity, integration innovation vigor, radiating and driving play entrepreneurial environment is good, new material industry base.