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2012 Asian Food Ingredients Exhibition in Jakarta

2012.11.02   12:58

October 3-5,2012,Pharmaceutical Division of Ningbo Hong Group participated in the Food Ingredients Exhibition in Jakarta,Indonesia FIA.Participate FIA Indonesia exhibition to contact with customers,understand the market.Indonesia as one of the most important markets in Southeast Asia,in the field of food ingredients industry,has a great marketing space both an opportunity and a challenge.

Up to more than 100 exhibitors,a rich and extensive product,including food additives,acidifiers,amino acids and derivatives,antioxidants,baked goods,meat products,cereals cheese food,food coloring,fermented foods,dairy products,emulsifiers fiber foods,seafood,flavors and Fragrances flavors and Fragrances,fruit and vegetable products,gelling agent,herbs and spices,lecithin,poultry production,yeast and so on.Our company of this exhibition's flagship product for the vitamin (vitamin B3 series-based),amino acids,gluconate,plant extracts etc.

Our booth business negotiation atmosphere was very rich.Exhibitors customers mostly natives of Indonesia,mainly Thailand,Malaysia,India,the Philippines,audience participation.This exhibition we also invited some friends in Indonesia come to add to the fun,which allows us to further deepen communication and understanding between the Indonesian local customers.

Initially,we learned that some food ingredients in the Indonesian market development needs through communication and interaction,Indonesia is a developing country,compared to other South American and European markets,the requirements of its food ingredients are relatively low-end of the level.The large number of Muslims in Indonesia,closely related to their eating habits,and cultural and religious beliefs,because a lot of imported food require halal certification,for which we earnestly ask the customer,clearly the basic process of certification.

Through this exhibition,we deeply appreciated the only effective understanding and excavation of deep-seated demand in the market,in order to open up the market more effectively.After the exhibition,a number of follow-up work requiring follow-up focus on collating existing customer data and information to discover the new needs of customers,market understanding and judgment,and make corresponding ancillary services.

By Alice

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