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2012 Hongda annual summary and awarding meeting was held

2013.02.06   10:39

On Feburay 2nd,2012 Hongda annual summary and awarding meeting was held in Yue Zhuang Hotel located in the beautiful Dong Qian Lake.

The spacious and bright Yu Chi Hall was decorated and bursting with happiness,all company staff sat in the hall.First,general manager Yuan Junjie made a report about the company appears and the construction of enterprise system and the Employee benefits.He also looked ahead the prospects for company.The report was remarkable concise,and the prospects for development was so inspiring that it attracted bursts of applause.Then,vice general manager Li Binbin read the list of 2012 excellent staff,and vice general manager Xu Jianbo presented awards to them.During the meeting,there were some activities,such as luck draw and singing.This added happy and peaceful atmosphere to the whole hall.

By Duan Peng

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