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Our company has successfully applied for an extension to pay the 2012 Water Fund

2012.03.29   09:51

According to the Ningbo Municipal Local Taxation Bureau" about water conservancy construction special funds a number of policy issues notice" (Ningbo tax [2008]103date)," on the promotion of sound and rapid economic development certain opinions" ( Ningbo tax [2008]91date) and other documents, Our company to apply for an extension to pay the 2012 Water Fund to Ningbo City Local Taxation Bureau and has recently been approved .

The Water Fund is used for the water conservancy construction special funds, including the central fund of irrigation works construction and construction of local irrigation works fund. The central fund of irrigation works construction is mainly used for the relationship between the national economy and the social development overall situation rivers of the maintenance and construction of key project. The local water conservancy construction fund is mainly used for city flood control and small rivers, lake management, maintenance and construction.

Since my company2011annual pay various taxes has reached the standard, so it is included in the scope of government support.

By Luo Ni

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