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My company technical detection to achieve the new extension

2011.08.29   09:11

             At present, our company technical inspection department was in the continuous upgrading of the original dye, pigment, pharmaceutical product detection means, the newly added to the detection of C9 petroleum resin. The company has gradually added SYD-2806 asphalt softening point tester, iron cobalt colorimeter and other equipment, is now fully equipped to test petroleum resin softening point, color, 200 # oil solubility, acetone, ethanol solubility, ash, paint coating pilot projects and the ability of the melt viscosity, acid value

Petroleum resin widely used in the coating by adding petroleum resin, can increase the paint gloss, to improve film adhesion, hardness, reduce production costs. Add in the rubber, can improve molding operation, to improve the strength of rubber and anti-aging. Add the oil in the ink, resin, can play a show color, quick-drying and brightening effect. C9 petroleum resin with low acid value, good miscibility, and adjust the viscosity and thermal stability . I believe that with our C9 petroleum resin technology continues to improve detection, will promote the rapid expansion of related business.                  

By Lv Weiya

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