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Teach you to recognize the various pigments

2011.08.22   13:01

Paint should have the appropriate covering power, coloring power, high dispersion, bright color and quite on light stability. According to the source, it is divided into natural and synthetic pigments .

Pigments and dyes are distinguished: dye soluble mediators, and dyed goods all staining; and the pigment is insoluble medium, only can make an object surface coloring.

Paint is paint manufacturing process indispensable raw material, it can make the coating with a certain coverage, increase the color and the protective effect, pigment in coatings, it can enhance the coating strength, resistance to aging effect. Various pigments, have a variety of different uses.

Coloring pigment in coatings industry, not only for the paint film of desired color performance and cover, but also enhanced the film durability, weather resistance, wear resistance.

Antirust pigment is mainly to prevent metal to rust antirust performance, common pigment varieties are: red, red iron oxide, zinc yellow, barium borate, calcium yellow and silver.

Also, according to the object or the use of paint to use different media, you can choose a different nature of the pigments, such as lead-acid calcium, aluminum, etc. can be used as high temperature paint to apply, and ship-fouling paints can be used mercuric oxide and cuprous oxide for antifouling.

Temperature indicating pigment ( i.e. reversibly thermochromic pigment ) can be used to make thermal paint, used to determine the motor, engine and other difficult to direct determination of the temperature of machines to observe the temperature changes.

Light ( luminous) pigment and fluorescent pigments, mainly used for national defense or instrument scales and various special symbols and other purposes, and gold and silver powder coated objects will also strive to exquisite.

Pigments in other industrial sectors, the use of surface is also significant, such as the printing industry, rubber industry, plastics industry, synthetic fiber industry, paper industry. Thus, pigment is widely used.

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