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Dyes and pigments weak in external demand, exports continued to be blocked

2011.08.11   16:19

In the first half, China's overall smooth operation of dye pigment production, but the pressure was significantly larger for small and medium-sized enterprises, the export situation is unsatisfactory. Since the main goal of country's economy is expected to not optimistic, it is expected that the second half of China's dyestuff exports will be further weakened, together with the international regulations and domestic tightening of monetary policy and other factors, the future trend will be more severe.

According to the China Dyestuff Industry Association Secretary-General Tian liming, 1 ~ 5 month, countrywide dye production reached 320000 tons, grow 7.4% compared to the same period; sales revenue reached 9860000000 yuan, an increase of 10.2%. Overall, a quarter of dyestuff and pigment industry moves relatively smooth, but entered  in May, the growth of domestic demand fall after a rise, inflation pressure increases, less investment and stimulating domestic demand drops and so on , the market run down significantly.

External demand, the first half of the year, by the raw materials, labor costs and other factors of production to rise in price and adjustment of RMB exchange rate and other factors, dyes and pigments export growth rate decreased significantly, appear even negative growth.

Slow recovery of world economy will further restrict Coloring and downstream products such as plastic, rubber and printing products.

International laws to some extent to reduce the market investment enthusiasm. According to the INTERTEK Group China Program Director Wang Zheng introduced, at present most of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises have yet to paint the EU REACH regulations registration, the registration fee is high is one of the reasons why.

In addition, the continuous tightening monetary policy will cause the small and medium-sized enterprise financing pressure continued to increase, rate of company go into operation will continue to decrease, and even bankruptcy may further increase.

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