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Special pigment standards

2012.09.12   08:39

For many users of packaging and printing,special luster pigment is a relatively unknown Concept Speaking of pearlescent pigments and pearl effect printing industry insiders familiar with much.Traditional pearlescent pigments term semantically very limited,and easy to mistakenly believe that the effect of such pigments are like pearls:white, translucent,shiny pastel.In fact,even if the series has a variety of changes,such as the S-Class (10~100μm) pigment particles are relatively coarse texture with soft luster of the pearl is completely different.

Such as 300 and 500 series of cases of iron oxide pigments,pearl metallic luster performance.Therefore,the packaging and printing of such a layered structure,refraction/interference principle to the performance of the product of shiny special luster pigment used to describe more accurately or more representative.In the field of domestic packaging,the application of the special luster pigment is more and more common,not only because of the unique gloss effect,but also because of easy to use, flexible,more economical and environmentally friendly.For the majority of high-end consumer goods packaging,such as cigarettes,liquor,candy,and cosmetics in this decorative way more reasonable.

1.Most users use in the the packaging printing sheetfed gravure step customary intaglio printing,because this and the pigment particle size is relatively large,with large ink transfer method to be able to put a certain number of pigment transfer to the packaging the printed material,to achieve the desired gloss effect.However,in a paper co-production,high traditional gravure printing costs,its two main reasons: First,the plate cylinder high production costs; wasting large roll feed mode.On the other hand the cost of packaging customers pressure is growing,and packaging styles change quickly,the short version of the family more and more.So that printing companies have to adopt a flexible approach,such as sheetfed gravure is an effective solution. Sheetfed gravure and offset combined work unnecessary gravure pigment can be used to offset completed,greatly reduce the cost,and the amount of paper waste is much smaller,but special luster pigments for the flaky particles,The effective thickness of the ink layer can be formed with a gravure,to achieve satisfactory results.Special luster ink is used as a background in the packaging design more produced a printing plate cylinder in the field will be able to cope with the use of different special gloss ink on a plurality of manual labor,so that from the printing plate to save a lot of expenses.There is an advantage can be used to do the printing proofs,wasting,and basically the same effect and product, pearlescent special class gloss proofs very effective,is more conducive to the packaging customer communication.But it should be worth noting that,sheetfed gravure printing speed and printing pressure and traditional web gravure some difference between the performance of the ink sometimes need to be adjusted accordingly,in order to guarantee results.

2.Offset online/offline finishing process,if you do not sheetfed gravure and offset combination special gloss effect Another way is to polish.Glazing,also known as the "oil" or "Finish",the printing process after a traditional sense,for the protection of the ink layer,soiled, smearing,and provide extra luster.Is "polishing" the process "printing" special gloss ink transfer,because of the offset printing ink is very thin, can not form a good gloss effect,so this is a decorative glazing."Needed, the type of glazing can be arranged in other ink after printing,but also can be arranged as a primer before.Glazing way in packaging and printing several,I suggest,is to use the the specialized glazing institutions waterborne or solvent glazing,rather than offset printing units offset varnish",which the viscosity is too high,and large particle pigment metastatic Poor.In recent years, polishing the development of equipment using a "closed-scraper" institutions,flexographic anilox roll through or pass Varnish photosensitive resin version.Such institutions addition Varnish amount of savings,its biggest advantage is proficient in the local glazing,play a unique decorative effect.Application for special gloss material is very important.

In fact,it is also a flexographic printing units,packaging and printing anilox roll transfer of pigment have a great impact,too fine line screens can not guarantee effective delivery too thick will dry.Old-fashioned "double roll" agencies can also be used for the the special luster pigments construction, but not the exact spot varnish.If you use a water-based coating,you must pay attention to the problem of drying,on the one hand,the relatively slow drying water-based varnish,if you want to improve the printing speed,you must adjust the gloss parameters; Once the other hand,water-based varnish drying on the plate roller is very difficult to remove, so downtime a little longer,and must be carefully cleaned the plate roller.Taking into account the client will be used in a different ink systems,so for the aqueous,solvent resistance and curable separately producing a pearl pigment,the pigment name abbreviation W,S and UV. Hubei Tongshan the mountain town printing press factory introduced a new offset press equipment knife "polish" unit,before some offset color groups,some in the final,that is,in order to carry out the decorative elements of the printing.

By Sabrina

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