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The technology of Self

2010.09.13   13:37

The technology of Self-healing coating

--- Encapsulant materials & techniques

Different encapsulanting techniques, as well as materials along with different catalyst types, have been considered. The more common are:

Interfacial polymerization has been commonly used to form urea-formaldehyde microcapsules using acid catalysed oil in water emulsion polymerization. The size of particles formed is controlled by the rate of agitation or by ultrasonication. Particle sizes from 300nm to 1mm have been produced.

Hollow glass fibers containing a two-part epoxy healing resin can be manufactured and incorporated into conventional composite processing. The specific placement of self-healing plies or individual fibers to match a critical damage area has been shown to repair internal matrix cracking and delamination throughout the thickness of a laminate. Such a system offers significant potential in restoring structural integrity to a composite and prolonging residual life after a damage event.



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