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Xiangxue pharmaceutical around oral liquid industry mergers and acquisitions

2011.04.20   16:42

Xiangxue pharmaceutical (300147) chairman WangYongHui in recently's annual shareholders meeting, said: "from past on the product competition to market competition, the industry is now has entered the stage of strategic competition."

From the recent acquisitions  behaviours, xiangxue pharmaceutical has begun resources integration. According to introducing, whether guangdong  traditional Chinese medicine factory, or guangdong qingping pharmaceutical and jiuji biotechnology, these  extremely takeover are around the oral related industry concentrating. Reporter discovery, at the gallery showing of the production of traditional Chinese medicine factory , tangerine liquid already can see clearly xiangxue trademark.

Xiangxue pharmaceutical annual report showed: "at the moment, only antiviral oral liquid a product that account for more than 60% of the company's revenues, is" fist product ", and has formed in guangdong area  good marketing network." How to promote the development of new products,  is to become one of the main factors to realize leaping development.

According to understand, xiangxue pharmaceutical current r&d expenditure accounted for income ratio for 3.58%. WangYongHui said: "aftertime r&d costs will be further promoted to 5% to 6%, compared with 10% of international large-scale medicine enterprises, even 20%, the proportion is still low. Technology is the core competencies of the company, increase strengthen the development of new products will promote the long development of enterprises .


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