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Our company took part in the 2013 Organic Pigment Industry Association Annual Conference

2013.09.03   15:58

on July 29 2013,organic pigments industry convention was held at the Shanghai hotel,Lv Weiya and Lu Saisai took part in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Zhang Shuihe.Many renowned experts attended the meeting.They express their opinions,which relates to the major issues to be concerned about the development of organic pigment industry in the first half of 2013,Petroleum and chemical industry,director of sarft issued titled "the role of chemical industry in the development of low carbon economy" keynote speech and presented a new membership units with a certificate.

The meeting arranged the interaction technology.Shanghai Jiehong technology director explained in detail the carbazole violet pigment synthesis in the application of the concrete embodiment and solutions.Tianjin University Professor Mu also do on-site guidance of "The structure characteristics and application of organic pigment liquid agent".

Hongda group attracted wide attention of the participants.Industry peers have come to communicate,understand and show strong cooperation intention.

By Lu Saisai

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