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Introduction for the main application of titanium dioxide

2015.10.15   08:32

Titanium dioxide is a kind of important fine chemical raw materials,it is the most important white pigment,80% of the total number of white pigment used.90% of the world titanium resources are used to manufacture titanium dioxide is second only to ammonia and phosphoric acid of the three inorganic chemicals (in value terms).Titanium dioxide is a widely used,market demand for a large white inorganic pigment.Including the main application field of titanium dioxide: paint,plastic,paper,color masterbatch.


Paint is the largest user of titanium dioxide.Usually titanium dioxide in the field of paint consumption accounted for the titanium dioxide used in the field of consumption of 60%.At the same time,it is industrial coatings dosage most a pigment (all kinds of coating of titanium dioxide content of 10%~35%).The main types of the major coatings of titanium dioxide are as follows:

Latex paint

The latex paint is one kind of the waterborne coating,is the water emulsion,the addition pigment is dispersed and becomes the new paint.The latex paint contains no solvents or containing a small amount of solvent,with weather,brushing,environmental protection and other advantages,widely used in architectural coatings.With the rapid development of urban construction and housing industry,the demand for architectural coatings is very strong.It is said that latex paint is the fastest developing variety in the coatings industry in recent years.Latex paint for internal and external,external use must use rutile type;used in the selection of anatase type,foreign companies still use rutile type.External latex paint most of the acrylic type,within the majority of phenolic resin.Interior latex paint is matt emulsion paint,matt emulsion paint formulation including solvent (water),pigments,fillers,dispersion agent,emulsion,wetting agent,thickening agent,a defoaming agent,and other additives.

General latex paint processing technology,pigment,filler,dispersing agent,water,fire foam agent premixed,high-speed stirring (or ground) after reaching a certain degree of fineness and then add lotion and other additives,stirring at high speed (or ground) to obtain the product.

Roll and tin coating

Color is in recent years,the development of new varieties,color coated steel with durable,use convenient,beautiful and generous,can be demounted and welcomed by the users,the coil and tin coatings also came into being.Some steel production plants and even the specialized construction of the coil coating production line.Coil coating is by surface coating machine on special steel or other metal,after baking molding.Coil coatings can be divided into layer and surface layer,the surface is divided into primer and finish.The surface finish requirements,higher requirements.Coil coatings are generally the use of rutile type,low back paint requirements,the use of domestic rutile type and epoxy resin,paint raw materials generally use polyester and imported rutile type titanium dioxide.

Automotive paint

There are advanced and middle grade car paint, the best is car paint,followed by truck and bus paint.The main requirements of automotive paint titanium dioxide,the weather,gloss and hiding power.At present to titanium dioxide brand in the car paint is of little use,are special import chloride process rutile type titanium dioxide.

Powder coatings

Powder paint is the use of resin and pigment and other additives directly melt,so that pigment dispersed in the molten resin,and then cooling and crushed into.Since the powder paint contains no solvent,it will not pollute the environment,and the powder coating can also be recycled in the course of using,and it will also benefit to save energy.Powder coatings by electrostatic spraying on the home appliances,auto parts and other metal parts,also can be used for plastic,wood etc.nonmetal products,the use of a very wide range,good construction of powder coating the surface gloss can and paint comparable.Powder coatings according to the different resin used:epoxy modification,acrylic,polyester and other types of.The vast majority of the titanium dioxide rutile type.


Plastic industry is the second largest titanium dioxide users,usually,titanium dioxide in the field of plastic consumption accounted for 20% of the consumption of titanium dioxide application areas.Plastic industry is the fastest growing area in recent years,the average annual growth rate of 500,more than 6% of the world's titanium dioxide,there are more than 50 grades are plastic dedicated.Application of titanium dioxide in plastic products,in addition to the use of its high covering power,high achromatic force and other properties of pigment outside,it can improve plastic products of heat resistance,light resistance,weather resistance,so that the plastic products from the invasion of UV light,the plastic products in the mechanical and electrical properties can be improved.Because plastic products than the paint and ink film is much thicker,so it does not need to too high pigment volume concentration,plus its hiding power high,strong coloring,the dosage is generally only 1%-5%.Almost all thermoset and thermoplastic plastics have to use it,such as poly olefin (mainly low density polyethylene and polypropylene),polystyrene,ABS,PVC and other,it can be mixed with resin powder,and containing plasticizing agent liquid mixed phase,and some is the titanium dioxide to processing masterbatch fineness in the use of.

Most plastics with titanium dioxide particle size is smaller,usually used for coating of titanium dioxide particle diameter of 0.2 to 0.4 mu m,while the plastic with titanium dioxide particle diameter of 0.15~0.3 mu m,which can get at the end of the blue phase,on most of the band yellow resin or yellowing of the resin has shielding effect.

Plastic with titanium dioxide are generally required to by organic surface treatment (polyol,silane or siloxane),because the plastic with coatings and titanium dioxide with different titanium dioxide,the former is in low polarity of resin,through shear processing mixed,organic surface treatment of titanium dioxide,under appropriate mechanical shear can better dispersed.


Paper is the third largest user of titanium dioxide.Decorative paper, Bible paper and paper money are generally required to use of titanium dioxide,titanium dioxide with paper,good whiteness,high strength,luster,thin and smooth,when printing does not penetrate,under the same conditions opacity than calcium carbonate,talc powder high 10 times quality can reduce 15%~30%.Decorative paper also known as titanium white paper,mainly used in the production of furniture,flooring,wallpaper and other raw materials.For anti aging of the paper,you must use the rutile type;more rutile type is used in the high ash content of the paper,the high ash content of the paper must use rutile type because of anatase type titanium dioxide hiding power is not up to the requirements.Anatase type titanium white are used in low ash content of the paper,such as Bible paper and paper money,Bible paper required a good opacity,general use of anatase type titanium dioxide can meet;coinage paper also requires a good opacity,mainly used anatase type.In the domestic,decorative paper use amount of titanium dioxide is much higher than the other two cultivars.This situation is determined by the level of consumption of our country.It is estimated that the domestic decorative paper for titanium dioxide each year more than 30000 t.Decorative paper in the amount of titanium dioxide 20%~40%,titanium dioxide 1%~5% in other paper.Rutile type for weather resistant and high ash content of the paper,the anatase type used to is not high,low ash content of the paper,paper mills using titanium dioxide to which the main reason is the cost of the paper on weathering,is the price of titanium dioxide.Due to titanium dioxide in paper cost ratio as high as 30%~50%,so paper mill in meeting the requirements of users,on the choice of titanium dioxide can be said to be fussy about every detail,can use anatase type ever use rutile type Requirements for the quality of titanium white paper industry,according to the order of importance:

covering power (opacity):containing the same titanium white paper to cover the background,the index determines the price of titanium dioxide.Simply put,covering the titanium dioxide,high prices in general,but use less,so the cost per ton of paper in titanium dioxide may lower;hiding power low titanium white,although the price is low,but the amount of large,resulting in increased costs for titanium dioxide per ton of paper;

Whiteness:titanium dioxide whiteness paper molding after the appearance of the decision;

dispersion:papermaking process is now generally used as dispersing agent,therefore,titanium dioxide aqueous dispersion difference;

weather resistance:domestic rutile type can meet the majority of the weather performance requirements of the paper,only a few of the paper need rutile type to provide high weather resistance;

retention:paper industry were on the filtration of water for reuse,or will adopt the retention aid and general titanium dioxide recovery rate are above 99%,the reason for the retention of the index,is because the titanium dioxide company in pushing the sales of paper special titanium dioxide at the same time provide the retention agent formula and method of use,to improve the service quality,increase the competitiveness of products.

4.Color Masterbatch

Plastic masterbatch is a high concentration,color configuration product of high energy,i.e., pigments to abnormal concentration of uniformly distributed in the carrier resin,and the formation of a certain particle size.It is composed of core layer (Yan Liao),coupling layer (coupling agent,surfactant),dispersing layer (lubricant or dispersant),mixed layer (carrier resin),etc.. It is a dye used in plastics,widely used for blown film,injection molding,hot pressing,injection molding and other plastic products production.Masterbatch coloring effect is superior,convenient use,energy saving,no dust and sewage,so much user's favor.Masterbatch industry due to the simple production process,less investment,development speed.According to incomplete statistics, our country for masterbatch production of titanium dioxide each year 2 to 3 million T,the rutile divided into high,medium and low gear,high-grade imported rutile,mid-range domestic rutile,low-grade domestic anatase titanium dioxide.

Color can be used for PVC,polyethylene,polypropylene,polystyrene and ABS plastic color.Its main components are pigment,resin,dispersing agent,filler,fluorescent whitening agent,antioxidant,anti UV agent,antistatic agent,toughening agent,brightener etc., titanium dioxide in which as a white pigment used,with non-toxic,chemically stable,covering force,dispersion and good.

Masterbatch production process,there are several,such as typical:pigment,resin,dispersing agent,pigment volume and other additives,such as through high speed mixer,the machine screw extruder spinning cooling,after cutting machine to cut the fineness of masterbatch.

Color masterbatch is used as industrial raw materials,advantages and disadvantages of the performance is usually in the subsequent products (such as blowing or injection).Therefore,the performance of titanium white in color masterbatch is mainly embodied in the application process of the masterbatch.Mainly in the following aspects:

coloring ability:titanium dioxide titanium dioxide decided the same amount of plastic products used in color;

whiteness and color:titanium dioxide titanium dioxide content of the same decision light (white) plastic product appearance;

dispersion of titanium dioxide:influence of masterbatch production cost and plastic product appearance,gloss and other indicators;

processing performance:influence of masterbatch production cost of titanium dioxide.

By Emily

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