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The classification of the coating with aluminum silver paste and process characteristics

2015.10.15   09:16

Aluminum silver paste is a kind of indispensable metallic pigment.The main components in the snow flake aluminum particles and oil solvent,paste.Its characteristic is aluminum surface Smooth level off,the particle size distribution,shape rules,excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster,and transparent color pigment mixing,paint film There is a clear "with the Angle of different color effect",adornment effect is very gorgeous and beautiful.

Aluminum silver paste is mainly used for automobile coatings,weak current plastic coatings,industrial coatings,Marine coatings,metal heat resistant coatings,coil coatings,etc.

Aluminum silver paste is a kind of paint,it is through special processing technology and surface treatment,aluminum surface is bright and clean level off is neat,shape rules,grain Size distribution,good matching with coating system.

Aluminum silver paste can be divided into two categories,float type and the float type.In the process of grinding,a kind of fatty acid is replaced by another,aluminum silver paste has a completely different The features and the appearance,aluminum shape a snowflake,designed,and silver.

In float type aluminum aluminum paste,aluminum in recent orientational alignment film surface and form a layer of opaque silver film,this is the nature of the opaque float type aluminum Silver pulp become the main factor of important functional materials.Floating type aluminum silver paste mainly used commonly in the protective coating and maintenance to the roof of high demand And commercial application of coatings.The appearance of the float type aluminum silver paste according to the different thickness of particles,can from the appearance of the rough,white to dark,highly reflective Or like a mirror effect.Coarse grained covering a minimum of float type aluminum silver paste,structure is rough,but can get the most white and bright coating.On the contrary,Fine grained level float type aluminum silver paste has the largest covering power,the most smooth structure and high reflection coatings.

The float type aluminum silver paste is uniform distribution in parallel in the entire film,coating formed by the appearance is different from the floating type aluminum silver paste,because it can with all sorts of yan Mixing and suitable for all kinds of system,therefore the industrial coating has a unique effect.However,with the float type aluminum silver paste any pigment or dyes are used together All must be transparent,only in this way can achieve that kind of realistic effect on the surface of the metal.There are many different kinds of the float type aluminum silver paste and tinting strength from low to high,From coarse to fine particle size,the outward appearance from white and shiny to a grey,more exquisite,and acid series products, reduce industrial smog,acid rain and other adverse environmental right The influence of coating.

Aluminum silver paste is not easy to fire and explosion,covering power,shiny,trigger performance,metal performance,smoothness is identify the technical requirements of aluminum aluminum paste,aluminum silver Models are classified according to the size of the particle size of slurry.USES:widely used in plastic,paint,hardware appliance paint,motorcycle paint,bicycle paint,etc.According to the hazardous chemicals List,aluminum silver paste belongs to 33646 categories:secondary flammable solvent paint,auxiliary materials and coatings.But as a result of international and domestic for chemical production in recent years Product environmental protection and safety requirements,the domestic production manufacturers change process,not using secondary flammable solvents as the carrier,and choose a higher flash point Security environmental protection solvent.Now the production of aluminum silver paste are already in the actual chemical properties has been excluded from the scope of dangerous goods.

By Nicole

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