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The use of powder coating additives in skills

2015.10.16   08:32

1.powder coating additives and the compatibility of resin

Powder coating additives long-term stability must be saved in the powder coating,to play its due effectiveness.So generally use additives with epoxy,such as polyester,acrylic resin compatibility.So often to compare powder coating additives and the compatibility of resin,the method is used according to their junction Structural similarity.

2.powder coating agent on the suitability of the production process

Some powder coating additives in formula design,should be considered as production is quite harsh process conditions,may be the high temperature,low temperature,high speed shearing,etc Conditions,that cause the powder coating additives's decomposition,volatile and failure,lead to the failure formula.

In two or more than two kinds of additives with basic material in the process,in order to give full play to the fertilizer efficiency,must make them fully in the powder coating finishing Scattered,and according to different sequence combined with basic material.

3.multiplicity of powder coating additives in powder coating

Some powder coating additives besides plays a main role,at the same time also have double or multiple effects.Thus,we must be integrated in the design formula Consideration,such as adjusting the formula of the dosage or simplified formula.Zinc oxide is a party,for example,see the chemicals,it can replace part of titanium dioxide White pigment;At the same time has a certain electrical conductivity is applied to need antistatic or conductive occasions.

4.make full use of the mutual effect between powder coating additives

The coordination effect of powder coating additives is refers to two or more agents cooperate when using appropriate synergy influence each other.And,of course,the synergistic effect Reverse side is against the role.

5.powder coating additives on the performance of the powder coating

We know that some of the powder coating additives in play its normal role at the same time,sometimes have to cause problems for some characteristics of a powder coating film Ring.It have close relationship with the amount of additives.

6.the purpose of the powder coating of powder coating additives

The application of powder coating additives is often restricted by end use powder coating film,different varieties of powder coating,the color of the powder coating additives Smell,pollution resistance,durability,electrical properties,heat resistance, cold resistance and other requirements.

By Nicole

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