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Ceramic insulation coating to open new areas of high coating

2015.10.19   08:25

With the development of the insulation coating industry,some organic insulating coating already can't satisfy people's green environmental protection,multi-functional and excellent properties,and the development of the ceramic insulation coating opened up to the high and new progress in the field of coating and research,to further satisfy the people's vision to improve coating performance.Based on the existing domestic many research results about the ceramic coating,concisely expounds all kinds of ceramic coatings of good insulation performance,as well as the latest Research and development,at the same time,the preparation methods and mechanism of the ceramic coating has carried on the induction,summary,and further puts forward some relevant ceramic insulation The idea of coating and improve.

Ceramic insulation coating belongs to functional coating field,is a new kind of waterborne inorganic coatings,it is a nano inorganic compounds as main ingredient,and Taking water as disperse phase,curing coating often after a low temperature heating way,form a similar insulation performance and ceramic coating.At present the national aviation materials research Institute and Beijing tzu ChengWeiHua chemical co., LTD., after many years of joint research,successfully developed high temperature resistant ceramic insulation coating,it is more than the performance International advanced insulation coating level,have been used in the shenzhou series of spacecraft.High temperature resistant ceramic insulation insulation coating the insulation,temperature resistance,wear resistance,and high Hardness,good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance,medium thermal expansion coefficient,excellent performance,therefore,very suitable for high temperature supersonic spacecraft Structural material used under the high temperature insulation.

Current domestic ceramic insulation coatings,and the main function of insulation,high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,good mechanical performance,usually use different preparation Method,some unique properties of fillers and additives to the corresponding was prepared with the corresponding functional ceramic coating,and strengthen its own performance.As now the green environmental protection,low carbon,low cost,simple preparation process,such as concept has been widely popular,so some have the nature of the tao Ceramic coatings will be in the future to further improve and development.Such as:inorganic ceramic coating will gradually replace the past organic coatings,etc.;Will be low Carbon emissions,high efficiency and versatility of the ceramic coatings on the important position in the field of coating,technical sustainable development contribution strength for industry.

By Nicole

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