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North American titanium dioxide market prices forecasts in the third quarter

2015.10.26   08:25

In the third quarter,mainly based on the current supply of adequate supply and import market is highly competitive.Market participants from a portion of titanium dioxide buyers that the current number of manufacturers sell more intense desire,obviously can know the current market supply is more abundant.

US second quarter of titanium dioxide market price of $1.35-1.45 per pound (US $2976-3197/ton,FOB Destination).Price declines in the third quarter of the current difficult to determine,but there is a market of people to market estimates will fall about 5%.

The source said that before the end of July the market price would only minor changes,three quarters of the mid-market price of titanium dioxide reached a contract agreement will be mainly through negotiations.Current major US high-grade rutile imported from Europe,Asia rutile feedstock although some quality problems,but it is gradually improving.

The current major North American supplier of titanium dioxide include Ventnor,Connors,DuPont,Coast and Huntsman.

By Betty

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