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Chemical pollution how to break? New coal chemical industry is the development trend

2015.10.26   08:35

Referred to the chemical pollution,probably everyone will hate,in recent years,the environmental pollution has seriously affected the people's physical and mental health,the prevention and control of pollution is a task which brooks no delay,fortunately,in our country as well as all the people has a profound awareness to environmental protection importance and continuous efforts in the.

At the beginning of this year,the formal implementation of the new environmental law,which is also known as the history of the most stringent environmental laws,of course,the most stringent environmental laws of many ignore the environmental chemical enterprises have a good role in warning and purge,once found illegal discharge of pollutants,in addition to informed fines but also to pursue the phase should be criminally liable,but also responsible for pollution control area.New environmental law clearly stipulates that for the majority of US citizens,are legally entitled to access to environmental information and participation and supervision of environmental protection of rights,only to mobilize the power of the whole society and environmental violations to fight in order to increase effect and achieve the desired results.

Vigorously develop clean energy

Environmental governance is not a short duration of time things,pollution may only need a moment,governance is a very long process.The prime minister had mentioned that our country can not take the "pollution first,treatment later,"the old way, to pay such a price is expensive,so pollution prevention to from the source control of pollution sources,combining prevention with control,reduce pollution as much as possible.The wide use of traditional energy such as coal,oil is one of the main factors that cause pollution,so we need to develop clean energy.

Include clean energy such as solar energy,wind energy,geothermal energy consumption can be restored and produces almost no pollution renewable energy,and through the clean energy technology treated reuse,as far as possible to reduce the pollution of non renewable energy,such as clean coal,clean oil.At present,the clean energy widely used,the difficulty lies in the development and utilization of technology costs are relatively high,of course,there are many clean energy development and the great progress has been made,and formed a certain scale,but also have been applied to the actual life.

New coal chemical industry is the future development trend

New coal chemical industry to produce clean energy and alternative petroleum chemical products mainly,the application of high and new technology for coal conversion,the completion of the emerging energy industry,the target product is diesel,gasoline,aviation kerosene and raw material of ethylene,polypropylene raw materials and so on.New coal chemical industry focus on environmental protection,rational and efficient use of resources,the implementation of circular economy development model,is environment-friendly green chemical industry.

Current for new coal chemical industry is rare opportunities for development,at home and abroad advanced clean coal efficient use of technology continue to make breakthroughs,which the rapid development of new coal chemical industry to establish a good foundation,but also provides a powerful driving force.Our country also happens to take advantage of this opportunity to promote the adjustment of energy structure,optimization and upgrading of traditional energy,based on the development of eco recycling economy,further co-ordination to promote scientific and technological achievements applied as soon as possible.

For the chemical pollution,we should have enough confidence,the country attaches great importance to and the National Heart supervision under.It is the inevitable result of reassuring.At the same time,we also believe that new coal trade union has good prospects for development.

By Emily

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