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The kinds of coating and categories

2015.10.27   11:19

Coating,as a must-have dish in decorating,is a common material in life.But many consumers in the category of coating error,think paint is to paint, actually otherwise.

In general,the coating is coated on the surface can form the protective,decorative or special performance,such as insulation,anticorrosion,logo,etc.) of a solid film of the floorboard of the liquid or solid material.And the paint is with organic solvent as medium of a kind of viscous oil paint.In other words,the paint just paint a.For a long time people used to place according to the coatings composition,performance,use,construction,curing mechanism,composition characteristics such as film-forming order to classification and naming.Such as according to the job site is divided into wall paint,wood paint,metallic paint,etc.;According to the characteristics of solvent into water paint and paint;According to the function is divided into waterproof coatings,fire retardant paint, anti-corrosion paint,etc.;According to whether they contain pigments are divided into transparent and opaque coatings,etc.

From a practical point of view,the first function of coating is protected by use of object surface,a second role is to decorate beautification. But due to traditional coating,represented by the paint,its chemical composition contains a lot of harmful substances,in use process will continue to evaporate the residue such as formaldehyde,benzene,a serious threat to human health.At the same time,the paint flammable and explosive,not easy storage and transportation,is a security products need special treated with caution.With the progress of the society,people pursuit of quality of life is becoming more and more high,the traditional coatings have been unable to meet the new demand,leading to the environmental protection,health,water paint.

Water paint with water as medium,do not contain organic solvent,therefore not volatilize harmful gas.And 40% of water paint ingredients are water,not only better flowing property,unit coating area is larger,and not burning,not more security.Coatings industry for water paint technology at home and abroad in recent years,continuous research,water paint process performance is perfect,the resistance to yellowing,resilient,weatherability,etc all have good performance.

Water paint not only environmental health,and simple construction,outstanding performance,become a market darling is also the trend of The Times.

By Nicole

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