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Four challenges facing China's powder coatings market

2015.10.28   12:59

Powder coating for more than 60 years of development,the development history of roughly 30 years in China.Compared with powder coating solvent paint belong to environmental protection coating,combined with a variety of excellent performance,since Since the launch was widely favored.In China,1990-2010,belong to the generation of high-speed development.But in recent years the development of powder coating significantly slow down,or even below the hair of the coating Speed.

1. environmental protection

Along with the progress of the society,people to the survival of humans on the earth's environment is more and more treasure,affecting the environment increasingly tight limits on chemicals affect human health.Each country and community Article issued new regulations and the column to limit some harmful chemical substances to the human body.

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances),REACH regulation (the "Registration,Evaluation,Authorizationand Restrictionof Chemicals" And so on.

2. liquid coating

Liquid coating is powder coating directly challenges,some of them are excellent performance,some environmental protection coating.

Fluorocarbon lacquer,UV paint,water-based paint,inorganic nano coatings,etc.

3. technology

In addition to the challenge of liquid coatings,the main or from technical challenges:

Flow,low temperature curing,the liquid metal effect of metallic paint.

4. price

As the price competition is the product of market economy.But in China the price of powder coating industry competition is some vicious competition.Low price some packing to add more,resin with worse,mining Use all means to reduce the cost.Thus affect the overall reputation of powder coatings.

By Nicole

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