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PVC sheet for screen printing technology is perfect

2015.10.28   13:08

PVC sheet is special screen printing technology is more and more perfect,glass printing machine can enter the market more and more.It can produce industrial products,but also can develop personalized production Is tasted,can also provide customers with postpress or specific services,or with the help of different glass screen printing machine printing the opportunity to consolidate its position in the market.

Today's modern glass screen printer to print Brush factory must have the most advanced printing equipment and technology,to meet the ever-changing customer requirements of production.No matter from which point of view,the glass screen printing machine printing is a bright future.The combination of it and other printing technology not only can inspire people to new ideas,but also can make the glass screen printing machine printing market has become more diverse.

And must have enough cultural background,to be able to freely use these new technologies;While the employees training and incentives to make them in the customer within the stipulated time to complete production tasks.this,the company's brand publicity and to the success of a business with customers to establish a good relationship is also important.The emergence of high mesh ShuWang cloth for the glass screen printing machine printing template production made the unification The standard.As to the diaphragm normal exposure,heat exposure or digital printing,mainly depending on the specific issues of different printing and production capacity.Computer direct plate making technology is now It is applied to large format printing process,some products even more than the dimension of the 1x2 m.Using computer plate-making technology is in Yang spraying of emulsifying agent to produce a plate on the picture,than with a small Yin pictures Output the plate more accurate.

Special effects printing can improve the value of the printed matter.Special ink or coating is helpful to reflect the texture and characteristics of print.This print can attract more people's attention.The trend is changing More and more obvious,a lot of packaging products,senior business report and the company handbook,etc are adopted the post-press processing way.Postpress and special effects printing ink is also an attractive market.glass Silk screen printing machine with the use of larger particles pigment and the possibility of a thicker ink layer,the use of it will be better in the future. In addition,the fragrance is application in the field of security printing ink An eye-catching market,the technology also unceasingly in the printing industry's development.Match box on the surface of the effect can be used in offset printing a page on a glass screen printing machine printing to solid Now.

By Nicole

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