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The advantages of the powder electrostatic spraying technology is introduced

2015.10.29   08:49

Powder coating is a new technology in the field of modern painting industry,new technology,it is also one of the key to promote the new technology in China,used in home appliances and other fields,the superiority is very obvious.Powder coating is high protection,high decorative coating method,to get a satisfactory result of coating,it must be controlled factors affecting the coating effect of.Powder coating is a Powder contains no liquid solvent and thinner,the new coating material.Due to its high decoration,heavy-duty,powder can be recycled,no organic solvent pollution to the environment characteristics of determines its extensive Application of space.

Compared with the traditional construction paint, powder coating construction advantages as follows:

1,the powder coating is a kind of coating without solvent,which determines the don't need to put the main film forming material and auxiliary film-forming material,add filling and pigments are soluble in organic solvents,some are solved Organic solvent to dissolve the polymer film-forming substances can be used as coating problem.And many difficult by solvent dissolved polymer material is backbone of corrosion protection and decorative coatings must be less.

2,powder coating,because do not contain volatile organic solvents,not easy combustion and explosion just avoiding excessive dust accumulation can solve the hidden trouble of fire explosion,this paint and other flammable solvent coatings But can't overcome.

3,due to the powder coating does not contain organic solvent,in the process of the construction operation and pulverizing without excitant odour,not only can prevent the environmental pollution and destruction,and the physical and mental health of the operator himself Greatly beneficial.

4,paint the utilization of liquid paint construction process is only 50%~60%.Powder and powder coating on a rate of about 70%~80% (affected by the workpiece shape factors),the rest of the powder can be 2 Recycling,utilization in 90%~98%.

5,paint liquid coating construction process must be added 30%~50% of diluent,and the role of the diluent just adjust viscosity,must not curing film composition,back to the process In the volatile off again.Not only pollute the environment,and done a lot of busywork and wasted materials,improve the production cost;Powder coating is in the process of construction does not need this kind of diluent.

6,paint coating thickness of the liquid is usually 15 to 30 microns,and powder coating a coating can reach 60~150 mu m between,can be met the requirement of the coating thickness,reduce the labor intensity,Suitable for automated assembly line production operation.

7,the appearance of the powder coating after curing fullness degree is high,colour and lustre downy,make the appearance of the painting class liquid coating after curing effect.

8,powder coating,because do not contain solvent,curing pinhole and air bubbles,not easily in the process of the liquid coating due to the presence of volatile solvent and diluent,curing process is easy to generate pinhole and bubbles.

9,powder coating is convenient for transportation,no leakage and volatilization,the coating liquid transportation is inconvenient,easy leakage and volatilization,even burning explosion.

10,powder coating anticorrosive adornment sex good,comprehensive production cost is low,the paint type liquid coating is unable to match with them.

By Nicole

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