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Titanium dioxide sewage disposal technology innovation will lead the industry into a new era

2015.10.29   09:03

Pollution of titanium white production process has been the development of the industry,how to break this problem,now a major technological breakthrough.On 14 June morning,ningbo new The titanium dioxide co., LTD., titanium dioxide recycling project expert commenting acid wastewater in Ningbo Zhenhai,means that the project is real horse,back in production wastewater effectively Use,to achieve the balance of environmental benefits,social benefits and economic benefits.

According to the China council for the promotion of environmental protection industry,vice President Cai is introduced,titanium dioxide is considered the world's best performance of white paint,widely used in coatings,plastics,printing,oil Ink,cosmetics industry,its consumption from 1999 in 2014 to 2.43 million tons,248000 tons annual compound growth rate of 17%,far more than the GDP growth.

National chemical industry production urged will center titanium white branch director,the national expert group leader of titanium white industry bi sheng said,there are 57 titanium pigment production enterprises in China,the annual production capacity of 3 million tons,To the world's largest titanium dioxide production and consumption country,"industry faces environmental test,production process emissions of waste sulfuric acid, acid waste water,waste residue and waste gas,pollution is relatively serious."

At present,the environmental protection agency is developing titanium dioxide industrial pollution prevention and control technology policy,the national development and reform commission is developing titanium dioxide industry standard,energy consumption and develop under discussion In the conditions of titanium dioxide industry norms "also is expected to be introduced this year.Laws,regulations and policies related to these new industry will speed up the pace of titanium white industry consolidation.At the same time,the industry large enterprises have to start early,strengthen the clean production and pollution prevention,and achieved outstanding results.

Bi sheng said:"with the rapid change of the market,combined with severe environmental pressure,the recent one or two years,the industry has not as many as 10 or more long-term development of small micro titanium white enterprises shut down,removed, or in the basic production or BanTingChan state.This to a certain extent changed the size before doping disorderly mess.In the next 1~2 years,also will have some titanium white,small and medium enterprises gradually weak And out the other."He argues,the conditions of titanium dioxide industry norms","the titanium dioxide industry pollution control technology policy" after two policy,will significantly improve titanium dioxide the barriers to entry of the enterprise,further push Abortion can exit,promoting industry consolidation and concentration.

The biggest disadvantages of sulfuric acid method of titanium dioxide are "three wastes" emissions,the high cost of processing,the enterprise will be this as heavy "baggage". "The passive to active,develop market-oriented industry chain,is The foundation of the development of the titanium dioxide enterprise long-term health."Bi sheng said.

Cai is believed that the current industry in the "three wastes" treatment and comprehensive utilization has obtained many achievements,appeared a variety of other than the acid-titanium combined method of cleaner production mode,the healthy development of the industry Has a positive meaning.However,both the range of industrial chain with strong corporate or regional industry characteristics,strong limitations,it is difficult to the popularization and promotion to the whole industry.Given this,bi sheng Suggestion is that the enterprise should adjust measures to local conditions,according to the enterprise and the surrounding industry and market,completes the waste comprehensive utilization,reduce production cost and establish the clean production of enterprises and regional features and follow Ring economy industrial chain and realize dry squeeze net and making effective use of resources.

Resources as the first domestic for titanium dioxide acid wastewater recycling project of titanium pigment production enterprises,ningbo new f titanium dioxide co., LTD., annual output of nearly 100000 tons,the size and are in the brand The industry forefront.The company's chairman Liu Xiangfang said,through the preliminary estimation,through the project can reach the balance of the comprehensive cost of the pollution treatment and recycling product value.The project will waste acid and dilute acid to produce water All water,recycling,realize "zero emissions";Separate the heavy metal pollutants concentration,easy to translate into higher value of flocculant;Concentration of dilute acid clean further enrichment to 70%,make acid Department of reuse.

Titanium dioxide sewage disposal technology innovation,will lead the industry into a new era."Not only effectively solve the high cost problem of the widespread titanium pigment production enterprises,Realize effective recycling of resources at the same time,for the present domestic development of titanium white industry has great practical significance and guiding significance."

In addition,the project pioneering USES only commonly used in enterprises and government infrastructure projects of the construction of the BOT mode,reduce the enterprise operating pressure,at the same time for other domestic enterprises to carry out a similar item Provide experience for reference.

By Nicole

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