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Hundreds of companies to give up the new GSP authentication

2015.10.29   09:15

According to relevant industry data revealed that this year from January to May Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry revenue and profit growth continues to fall,income growth has been historically low.According to industry analysis,under the influence of the new policy,industry growth is expected to fall to around 10%.

At the same time,reporters get that many drug companies and monomer pharmacy choose to give up GMP,GSP certification and join the army "escape",which means that medical reshuffle will aggravate,future industry concentration further improve;While traditional medicine shares for the most part in trying to choose the transformation or innovation,regarded as "reliable" including around the main business of industrial transformation of mergers and acquisitions,wisdom medical and health services to develop,etc.

For Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the past fine months,it is reported that the main business  income and total profit are 9.455 trillion yuan,0.9390 trillion yuan respectively,revenue growth is down 0.54% compared with January to April slightly,the total profits fell 0.44%.

By Alice

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