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Expert: rare earth industry to speed up transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure must be optimized imminent

2015.10.30   08:39

"With the 'Made in China 2025' being implemented 'Internet +' and other national strategies,emerging industries intelligent manufacturing,high-end equipment,new energy vehicles,industrial robots,3D printing to speed up the development of rare earth materials as an important basis for the development of related industries support broad space for development."Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry at the seventh China Xin Guobin Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum held on 8 May said.

At present,China's rare earth industry as a whole in the low-end level,upstream mining,separation link excess capacity,slow development of downstream applications industry.High performance rare earth functional materials and application of the device smaller,chain end,low value-added products.Vigorously promote structural adjustment,accelerate the transformation and upgrading is imminent.Xin Guobin said that in recent four years,the central government invested a total of more than 40 billion yuan to support the development of rare earth technology,industrial upgrading work,application of rare earth industry have been expanding,and gradually extend the industrial chain.Ionic rare earth resources comprehensive recovery rate from less than 50% to less than about 75%;rare earth permanent magnetic properties can be improved from 55% to 70%,the high-end market share from 15% to 35%;high-end LED light-emitting material to achieve localization,from the domestic market share increased from 40% to 80%.Automobile exhaust catalysts increased from GB GB IV to V,part of the product to achieve a breakthrough in the international market.

Each robot needs hundreds of rare earth permanent magnet servo motors,industrial furnace desulfurization and denitrification,vehicle exhaust purification,sewage treatment and other rare earth catalytic materials provide a huge market.

China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute senior engineer Song was Pearl called for enhanced development capability coupled Rare Earth and related industries,increase of new materials and high-end applications in the field of technological innovation,to encourage the rare earth business groups to improve the level of vertical integration,and strengthen the intellectual property system for rare earths construction,electricity suppliers to develop rare earth and other new formats.

Rare earth industry to get out of the current state of the market downturn,we must optimize the industrial structure of rare earth.Baotou Rare Earth government experts,professors Engineering MA Peng from that focus and direction of development of rare earth industry should be based on rare earth functional materials,the core NdFeB industry,rare earth industry in a bid,the most dynamic,it can bring the whole rare earth industry.

By Betty

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