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Pearl pigment development situation in our country

2015.11.02   08:29

Global main pearl pigment manufacture enterprise is mainly composed of Germany's Merck,Germany basf,China of colour,Korea CQV etc,including Merck,basf,f Build color of competitive power is stronger,its production of pearl pigment still occupies an important position in the high-end market.Its main features include the original product Materials and quality stability;On the new base material development use of advantage,and constantly launch a high technical content of new products.

Pearl pigment manufacturing industry in China after recent decades of development,enterprises in the industry market concentration gradually improve.Continuously introduce new industry enterprises Products,cultivating the high-end customers,leading the market demand trends,high-end products in the production of some enterprises has gradually extended to overseas markets,And gradually accepted and identity.

Our country is not only the pearl pigment of Asia's largest consumer market,is also one of Asia's largest producer of pearl pigment.Our pearl pigment manufacturing line Industry started relatively late,real pearl pigment industry in China started in the 90s,but the domestic pearl pigment market is basically dominated by foreign mainstream manufacturers,Basic is a state of following the development of China's enterprises.By the mid-90-s,scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to join the project development research,push Move the pearl pigment of the industrialization of the process.

Products in our country as a whole,after nearly 20 years of development,in terms of variety,quality and stability has a great progress.But,our country Pearl pigment research and development and production is still in the stage of development,compared with the developed countries,in such aspects as technical level,product variety and quality remain difficult Not neat.According to statistics,by the end of 2010 the country has the annual output of 20000 tons of pearl pigment production capacity,there are more than 10000 tons of pearl pigment exports To the world.To 2013,the pearl pigment production has reached nearly 31000 tons,increased by 13.5%,compared to the same share of global production capacity By around 35%.January 2014-September output reached 27600 tons.

By Nicole

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