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Wear-resistant coating with high temperature corrosion resistance

2015.11.02   08:41

Wear-resistant coating with high temperature corrosion resistance,wear resistance,high temperature resistance,corrosion set and a coating.Wear-resisting material of high and new The development of the technology plays an important role in promoting and supporting,in the field of new material research in global,wear-resistant materials account for about 85%.With the coming of information society,special wear-resistant materials for the development of high and new technology plays an important role in promoting and supporting,is the 21st century,information,biology,energy,environmental protection,empty Between key materials in the field of high technology,become the focus of the field of new materials research and development around the world.

When an object with another object moving along the tangent of the interface or has the trend of relative motion,between the two objects contact can hinder them Relative movement of the friction force.If the friction with corrosion,harm,it is not the default.Friction friction corrosion for the oxidation of matrix Content can lead to local stress,fatigue crack,even caking.Still can change the contact resistance,thus affecting the function of the weak current relay.To produce the Kind of friction corrosion mechanism have wear a oxidation and oxidation wear two kinds.Friction corrosion theory on the pressurized metal interface,some tiny bumps Cold welding part,then in the process of relative movement,cold welding area local fracture,form small metal chips,heat from friction corrosion and oxidation.Repeated the process,the small holes or grooves is formed on the interface,and accumulated oxide particles.The second theory is that most of the metal surface A layer of oxide film,some small protuberant part oxidation film under the high pressure broke into pieces,fresh surface is exposed to oxidation or cold welding,then In the process of relative motion,make cold welding area or partial oxidation membrane rupture,friction heat and pieces of metal or metal oxide corrosion,so repeatedly,make contact Surface damage.Thus the vibration is the basic condition of interface friction corrosion must bear load;Contact surface must exist between vibration or repeatedly Relative motion,the contact load and relative motion is enough to make the surface produces sliding or deformation.

Wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating with high and new technology,especially the organic-inorganic nanometer technology,organic and inorganic molecules increase chain grafting,and blending theory and each other Wear network technology to ensure that the coating film material for long chain structure,containing hydroxyl to pigment dispersion and curing and curing after the coating has good Flexibility and shock resistance,the inorganic pigment in the coating will further ensure the shock resistance of coating.Coating selects the high performance materials,nano Gas phase silica,silicon carbide,boron oxide,mullite,fine crystal,ultrafine zinc oxide,and use a special process of alumina manufacture of inorganic powder and so on To packing,the production equipment with composite reinforcement measures and special processing,high pressure sealing process to produce high temperature resistant and wear resistant anticorrosive coatings.

Wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating materials mainly adopts ionic compounds and some synthetic covalent compound,ionic bond and covalent bond is a combination of keys,A chemical combination,so the toughness and strength is very big,can effectively resist the impact force and the shear stress at a high speed.Provide a coating for wear substrates Have high abrasion resistance,impact resistance,resistance to fluid scouring,high adhesion,heat conduction performance is higher,corrosion of acid and alkali resistance of long,tough protective coating Has to match the base material,coating temperature linear expansion coefficient,will not produce because of internal stress or thermal stress and ruined the coating.High temperature wear resistance corrosion Paint can besmear to brush in pipelines,chemical equipment,warehousing,kiln,pharmaceutical,aerospace,sewage and other good protection on the substrate,to prolong the longevity of the matrix Life,coating performance than ordinary materials,technical content reached the world advanced level.

By Nicole

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