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Plastic with titanium dioxide application scope or expanding

2015.11.04   08:30

General ordinary plastic with titanium dioxide,generally without surface treatment,because the conventional hydrated alumina this kind of inorganic coating of titanium dioxide,In relative humidity of 60%,the adsorption equilibrium of water at about 1%,when the plastic in the high temperature extrusion processing,water evaporation can lead to plastic surface smooth Porosity,this kind of without inorganic coating of titanium dioxide,typically through organic surface treatment.

Because plastic in titanium pigment and coating in titanium pigment is different,the former is in the resin of low polarity,by mixing shear processing, organic surface Principle of titanium white,under the appropriate mechanical shear force,can be well dispersed.

Titanium dioxide in the application of plastic products,in addition to using its high covering power,high decoloring force and other pigment performance,it can also improve the plastic Product heat,light resistance,weather resistance,make the plastic products from UV light,improve the mechanical properties and performance of plastic products.

Most plastic with titanium pigment particle size is fine,usually paint using titanium pigment particle size was 0.2~0.4μm,the particle size of titanium pigment and plastic 0.15~0.3μm,so we can get the bottom of the blue phase,for the majority of yellow phase resin or easy yellowing resin covered.

By Nicole

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