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Low carbon environmental protection in the future development trend of the coatings industry

2015.11.04   08:41

In recent years,the development of interior wall coatings,building materials,waterborne wood coatings,fluorocarbon paint,also for the coating industry in low carbon road brings new hair Exhibition opportunities.

Low carbon economy based on low energy consumption,low pollution,low emission based economic model,is the human society after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization A significant progress.Low carbon economy essence is energy efficient utilization,clean energy development,the pursuit of green GDP,core is energy technology and emission reduction Technology innovation,industrial structure and institutional innovation and fundamental change in the concept of human survival and development refers to the energy saving and emission reduction is to reduce energy waste and reduce waste Gas emissions.China's the eleventh five-year plan outline,during the period of "11th five-year plan" energy consumption per unit GDP by 20% or so,the main pollutants Emissions reduced by 10%.This is the implementation of the scientific outlook on development and building a socialist harmonious society's major initiatives;Is building a resource-conserving and ring The inevitable choice of environmental friendly society;Is to promote economic structural adjustment,the only way for transformation of the mode of growth;Is to maintain the long-term interests of the Chinese nation will be Requirements.

Since the 21st century,with the accelerating urbanization process,the dosage of the coating increase rapidly.New buildings are springing up,the original building Building demolition,transformation of uninterrupted,bridge,road infrastructure,urban color is changing with each passing day,all of these and coating The use of the material are closely related.

Facing the future development trend of low carbon,coating industry is ready.In recent years,has been committed to the development of low pollution,high solid coatings industry Or solvent-free including powder,light curing coating,coating of high temperature resistant heat insulation coating and high temperature resistant anticorrosive coatings,development of low environmental risk prevention Fouling technology and antifouling paint;Development of antirust pigment and alternative to lead,chromium,development of cleaner production technology of titanium dioxide,iron oxide pigments,actively develop coating Materials industry clean production technology evaluation standard,etc., to promote the new technology of coating industry,the development of new materials and new technology.

By Nicole

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