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Paint market downturn leads the weak demand of titanium dioxide

2015.11.05   09:29

Since the beginning of August, coating market demand is fatigued and weak, a lot of paint industry in shuffle, in order to find a better way, now China's real estate industry uncertain changes, it is paint the most serious disadvantages, of course, there are some of the real estate market is still in the rising trend, seems to be "out of the three realms, not in the five elements", but most of the real estate, showing a downward trend, and this trend, for the influence of coating, self-evident.

In this environment, the paint market want to have a chance to stand up is undoubtedly more difficult, but it is not entirely impossible, to find a new area is the primary task of paint industry.

In the face of weak demand for downstream enterprises, titanium dioxide market is a great blow, in the hot summer of August, the downstream market demand is like the titanium dioxide on the "icehouse" in the face of this situation, many manufacturers, have begun to cut prices, it is understood, some enterprises in two days, down 1000 yuan, while the anatase titanium dioxide is a drop of 10000 yuan mark, one can imagine, now titanium dioxide can be used to describe the bleak market, some industry insiders say "really carry live, why people still did not jump off building price", the most important reason is, in the downstream market cold, and a direct impact on the titanium dioxide market, is like a no ground for blame, "chain", the "biological" has been "full", said the lower "creature" has no meaning, it is now in the titanium dioxide in an awkward position.

Every year in June, July and August is the traditional low season sales, but the success of this year's market again to refresh the historical record, become the first historical low value, now titanium dioxide market has very bad, even if there is some improvement in the market situation of supply and demand, for market inertia also difficult to reverse the fundamental, the "golden nine silver ten" nearly, titanium dioxide prices will slightly changed, due to the crash in July, so in August, the possibility of the drop should is not big, but slowly decline, or will exist.

By Emily

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